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 Sing Dance Crawl is an experience like no other. This high-energy event draped in ‘Merican pride takes you to three of San Diego’s best venues: House of Blues, Parq and Moonshine Flats. Each venue pulls out all the stops, creating an experience that you’d expect on a busy Saturday night… but during the day and just for us! Don’t miss your chance because this party only happens once a year. With epic entertainment at each venue, you will sing, you will dance, and you will crawl!

Sing Dance Crawl brings together more than 2,000 awesome individuals, uniting together not only for a great time, but for a greater cause. Through ticket sales, donations and sponsor contributions, 2019’s Sing Dance Crawl raised more than $15,000 for The Wingman Foundation, an organization whose mission is “To honor the sacrifices of our fallen air warriors and support the families they’ve left behind.”

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